Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wilkweed ~ "Blowin' in the Wind" Version 4

I have a short workday on Wednesdays, so last Wednesday afternoon I got the sudden urge to work on another Milkweed painting! I tried to take into considerations suggestions that I received here on my blog and on some art forums I belong to.
This one is quite a bit darker, and I tried to incorporate a lot of texture. I wasn't as successful with the Epsom salts this time, and had to get out the handy-dandy Proxa-brush to lightly scrub back to white for some of the seed fluff.
I finished this up yesterday morning. I happy with a lot of this: My experiment with granulating medium and India ink worked fairly well and gave a lot of interesting texture particularly in the bottom part. I also gave the whole painting a light spattering of iridescent gold acrylic paint which is easier to see in real life.

I think I could have done a bit better at composition, that's something that seems to get away from me sometimes!

Here is a closeup of some of the texture:

I think I've got a few more of these in me, so stay tuned!