Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thanks Frederick!

"Uncle Homer"

After commenting on a blog post by Frederick Winston on his great art blog about Homer Watson the other day, Frederick contacted me to ask if he could write a post about me! Wow, what an honour! He was interested in the fact that Homer Watson, Canadian landscape artist was my great, great uncle.
You can see the post HERE.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pet Portraits ~ Paint what you love!

I've been lacking inspiration lately....and someone reminded me to "paint what you love". Well I love pets, so I got to thinking that I hadn't done any pet portraits or animals of any kind for a long time!

Also since it is getting close to the holiday season, why not give the gift of an original watercolour portrait of a beloved pet?

It's a win/win situation! I get to paint a fuzzy face and you get an original gift for someone you love!

Here are a couple of examples of previous portraits I have done:

The Life of Riley

Dog Day Afternoon (My dog Jack)

Check out this page on my website for more examples! Prices range from $100-$250 for 8 x 10" or 10 x 14" portraits.