Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sold at the Show!

I was very pleased to see that my "Follow the Leader" geese collage was sold at the opening reception of the Desmond Juried Art Exhibition and Sale last night!
Thank you to Jennifer Wilson's mom for purchasing it! It's going to a good home.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Clear Tar Gel Experiments - A little demo

Another fun thing I learned at the Mary Todd Beam workshop was playing with Clear Tar Gel acrylic medium.
Taking a plastic spoon, I dip it into the Tar Gel and drizzle it onto some scraps of illustration board or mat board. This one turned out a bit messy because I was trying to do it left handed so I could take the picture!

Drizzling Tar Gel

You can adjust the thickness of the gel "string" by raising or lowering the spoon and/or adding more gel to the spoon. You have to experiment to get the feel of it.
Once they have dried, I spray the board a bit to get it a little wet, then brush on some watery liquid acrylics, letting the paint mix and mingle. 

I like to do a bunch of these and have them ready to put paint on after they have dried. They are great "warm-up" pieces...something to get you in the studio and getting your paints out.

Here are a few of my recent experiments: