Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WaterMEDIA Wednesday ~ Playing with BRUSHO®

A good friend of mine introduced me to Brusho® Paint crystals the other day, and a group of us tried it out. It sure was fun experimenting with it and figuring out all the ways that it can be used!
What is Brusho® you ask? Click on this link from and it will tell you all about it. Basically it is powdered pigment crystals.  You can sprinkle it on dry paper and then spray with water, or sprinkle the dry powder on wet paper, or mix with water and paint like watercolour. Each method gives you a different effect. When the crystals react with water, they burst with colour and spread out in interesting patterns.

Out of the several experiments there were only two that came out worth posting here. For the first one, I drew the shape of the flower and then painted it with plain water. I then sprinkled the water with Brusho®. I ended up with quite a wild Coneflower! I did add very small touches of watercolour when I got home. I really like this one!

Crazy Coneflower
5" X 7" on paper

I really don't remember how I did this one, but I think I started out by sprinkling the crystals onto dry paper then spritzing with water. I know I dropped black into the wet scarlet and it ended up kind of like poppies. I enhanced it a bit more when I got home with some watercolours. I did discover that the Brusho® is easily reactivated with water after it has dried. Very interesting stuff.

 Maybe These are Poppies
5" X 7" on paper


  1. What fun! I love the coneflower! I think Brusho is worth experimenting a little more, eh?

    1. Yes! You could bring it over and we could have a playdate!