Sunday, April 3, 2011

Creating Texture Cheaply!

In my last post I mentioned how you can use things around the house or purchased at the dollar store to create texture in watercolour or acrylics.

Here are a few examples of some of the "tools" I use to create texture for my collage papers and for interesting backgrounds.

Here I have some cheesecloth, Halloween spider webbing, and a styrofoam tray that holds test tubes. (I get these from work, we throw them out everyday so if you want some let me know. You'd just have to pay for the shipping!)

The ever popular bubble wrap (also fun to pop while waiting for paint to dry!), the one with the squares is a mat for the sink, and I can't remember what the other thing is!

The white one is for under rugs to keep them from slipping and the green one was for under placemats. The yellow stuff was in the craft section. Not sure what it's called.

This texture was created by first underpainting in fluid acrylic, then applying another wash and placing the green mat above onto the wet paint. I put a heavy book on top and let dry.

This was created using the spider webbing.

Neat texture from the test tube tray. One wash of fluid acrylics, then tray pressed into wet paint.

This was made with the mat for the sink and the one for under a rug. (Technical terms! LOL)

Finally, this one was created using the fibery craft item.

I hope you give them a try!