Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fire and Ice...maybe!

Here is another mixed media piece along the lines of "Tenacity". This may be the beginning of a series! This one started out more red and blue, but I decided to add more "ice". I'm also not too sure about a title just yet, hence the maybe in the title of this post.
Once again I used masa paper, watercolour, fluid acrylics, and fibers. It's 14" x 11" on gallery wrapped canvas. It's finished for now, unless I get another brainstorm, or if some of you lovely people have any suggestions!


  1. Lovely composition and texture in this painting. Great work.

  2. This is fantastic! I want to more like this!!. I love the texture. I play with these "tools" also to create a likeness. Love that tree

  3. This is really spectacular, Patty. I've got to try that Masa, too! Did you use any gesso in this one?

  4. Thanks so much Melanie and Barb!
    Billie, yes I did use gesso to give texture to the sky portion. Thanks for your nice comment!


  5. WOWSERS, Patty!! This is stunning!! I love it! The use of thirds in this is really effective and it is super interesting how you made what's "under" larger than what's "above"! This is one of those that sustains interest!