Sunday, December 12, 2010

Garden Party ~ Another "recycled" painting

Well, this is one of the most "girlie" paintings I have ever done, but I really like how this one turned out. Again, I used scraps of old watercolour paintings and bits of magazines and some hand painted papers. This time I also collaged over a failed acrylic abstract on a small 8" X 10" canvas.

I've been writing down ideas for more of these collage paintings, and I'm quite excited about them! I haven't been this excited about painting since I first started, so I think I may be on to something. I'm sure I'll go back and forth between my first love of watercolours and collage, but right now I'm so glad to have gotten that spark back! I'm also tempted to do some really bad watercolours just to have them to rip up! LOL
After the holidays I'll be doing more and also hand painting some papers in some of the colours that I need. I will be looking for magazines, calendars, old maps, sheet music, crossword puzzles, almost any kind of paper for my projects.


  1. I love these collages - the textures and colors all work together so well - great composition.

  2. I'm loving them too, Barb! Thanks for commenting!

  3. You should be excited, this is absolutely beautiful! I hope you keep going i would love to see more :)

  4. who knew you were about to take off in a totally different direction?! The colours and textures are very appealing - I never could get a handle on collage - you go girl!
    I like your idea of gluing the finished product over top of a previous one - easy framing.

  5. Patty, these are so cool! What kind of adhesive are you using? May I ask?

  6. Thanks, Maria, Krista, Sue and Billie! I can't wait until the holiday rush is over so I can get working on more of these!

    Billie, I use either Matte medium or Mod Podge.