Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wetlands - WIP 3

Today I finished my rough underpainting, rough being the operative word. I had to stop myself from putting in too much detail and remember that this is just a guideline and not the finished painting!
In the first photo, the underpainting is done and I have applied one piece of paper. (I forgot to take a picture before I glued it on.)

In the next photo, I've started working on the background. I like how the heron's smooth feathers contrast with the more busy background, so I will try to keep them that way when I collage the papers on to him.


  1. Your underpainting is beautiful in itself. I can't wait to see the finished collage!!
    Stay inspired!
    Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

  2. Love seeing the process Patty. I really like what you are doing with the paper collage. Great work.

  3. Thanks Michelle, I can't wait to see it either! LOL I did some more on the background on the weekend, but forgot to post it. Will try to remember after work.

    Randy, thanks! It's a lot different than watercolour, that's for sure! But I really am liking it!