Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Watercolour Wednesday ~ Easter Lily

A little history for those who are new to my Facebook Page or Blog. I recently retired from my "day job", and have been enjoying spending more time with art. I've really fallen in love with collage or "torn paper paintings", but want to keep in touch with my  watercolour  beginnings. I challenged myself to do some kind of watercolour every Wednesday, just to keep my brushes wet. And then I post them, no matter if they turn out good or bad. It's also a good drawing exercise, as I have been starting to sketch the majority of them from life. 
The Easter Lily that my hubby got for me is still blooming away on the kitchen counter, so I sat and sketched it this morning. I love the unpredictability of Hot Press paper. It is not very absorbent, so the paint sits on the surface a little longer while wet. It tends to create some interesting "blooms" here and there. Especially when you are impatient like me and don't let things dry long enough!

Easter Lily
12" X 7.5"
Arches 140 lb Hot Press paper
Watercolour and Ink


  1. I admire people who can draw realistic
    looking flowers. Mine are always more
    like comic strips :-)
    Beautiful lilly!

    Tinna ✐