Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blowin' in the Wind -Third attempt

Here's the third attempt at this subject, and I have to say that I'm actually kind of pleased with this one!
The colour didn't come out on the computer as rich and gold as it is in real life, but you can get an idea anyway. I'm currently in love with using black paint and I used a lot of it in this painting. I believe it has its uses, especially in something that isn't super realistic. You often hear in watercolour or other artist circles to "never use black". Well, I guess I'm the sort of person, who when she hears something like that just has to try it!
I used Epsom salts for the fluffy seeds this time, and really liked the effect. I read the outside of the box, and these salts have so many uses! Not only are they good for creating neat effects with watercolour, you can soak in them, feed your lawn and garden, and give your house plants a boost! I don't feel so bad now for buying such a big container of them.
After I finished this painting, I set my models free in the wind, and hope I have some of these lovely wildflowers blooming in my garden next year, and playing host to the Monarch butterfly!


  1. Very interesting... I like the movement and the colors. We used various salts in our art class as well. We used the kosher salt...but I would like to try the Epsom salts.

  2. Go for it Donna! It seems to give a different effect than regular salt. The only downfall is that the salt seems to stick to the paper afterward, but once you get it off, it's okay.

  3. Patty this is just gorgeous!!!! I LOVE it!!!

    I've used all kinds of salts too, but never thougt of Epsom. Very cool.

  4. Thanks, Deb! You'll have to go out and get some and experiment!